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Tom "T.B." Phillips

When Tom "T.B." Phillips was ten years old, he picked up a copy of Dune by Frank Herbert. As he read, his mind grew in ways he never knew possible. It was love at first sight. Tom had discovered "World Building" Science Fantasy, and went on to read everything like it!
After retiring from the Navy, he became a single father of three kids. He led a family bookclub to bring them together. As they grew tired of reading the same YA tropes, they dared him to write his own books. The world builder awakened, and he vowed to write them an epic! Andalon was born!.
Tom is an educator, a father, and a military veteran. During his eventful lifetime he has lived out many of his own adventures while learning about the world, its cultures, and traditions. He is most influenced by Frank Herbert and J.R.R. Tolkien.
He debuted in 2019 with Andalon Awakens, his first of many award-winning novels. He is most known for his intricate world building, vivid settings, and emotionally gripping characters. He has been lauded for his thrilling depictions of sea battles, carefully choreographed action, and realistic approach to writing.
He has a way of introducing and bringing the reader close to each.
In his worlds, none of his characters are what they seem and nothing is predictable.
Member - Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association
Winner - 2021 Independent Press Award
Finalist - 2021 International Book Awards
Silver/Bronze Medalist - 2022 ELit Awards